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Permit Vision Portal


-BEFORE ENTERING THE CONTROL ROOM, please ensure that your permit is "WAITING FOR ISSUE" and have the permit number for the Operator.

-Permit coaching is available M-Th from 9am-11am in CSA #6.

-Suspend or Complete your permit at the end of your shift or when the job is done, then turn in your LMRA and communicate the permit status to Operations.

-No "Start Work Check" is required. Don't choose this option unless instructed by Shell Safety Dept.

-Only choose RA/JHA hazards from the LAM (Louisiana Manufacturing) group.

-Permit Vision class (4-hour) is for anyone REQUESTING or HOLDING permits. This class DOES NOT include the required LOTO training for Permit Holders on site.

-LOTO class (2-hour) is for workers on jobs involving the isolation of energy. 

-Contractors must have site access to attend training; a map to the classroom is posted below.

 *For questions or password reset, contact Andrew Locicero, Contractor Focal Point, at:

"How to" Video Section

How to BOOK your class

How to SEARCH for a permit

How to ACCEPT a permit

How to SUSPEND a permit

How to COMPLETE a permit

How to ACCEPT RE-ISSUE of a permit

How to COPY a permit 

How to DRAFT a permit from a TEMPLATE

How to DRAFT a permit from a QUESTIONNAIRE with a Risk Assessment

How to DRAFT a permit from a QUESTIONNAIRE with a Job Hazard Analysis

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